John Climax PhD, DSc

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr John Climax is the co-founder of Afimmune, a biotech specialising in metabolic diseases where he is the CEO, and DS Biopharma, a dermatology biotech where he is Executive Chairman.  He is also co-founder of the world leading Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), ICON plc in 1990. He was the previous Chairman and CEO and current non-executive Director of ICON plc.

He is a founding member of Science Gallery International and Human Dignity Foundation. He is also affiliated with the boards of a number of private companies, Universities and foundations.

Dr Climax received his primary degree in Pharmacy from the University of Singapore, his Masters in Applied Pharmacology from the University of Wales and his Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Ireland. He was also awarded a Doctorate in Science by Trinity College Dublin.

He is Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutics at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and Honorary Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacy at National University of Singapore. He is also an honorary fellow of St Hilda’s, University of Oxford.